This is your website.  Use it as you wish.

Download, bookmark, submit, search, and suggest anything you want to be on it.

I created this website in 2016 for myself to keep track of 'all things DFIR'.  With the number of DFIR blogs, software, hardware, education, training, and everything else related to DFIR, it is near impossible to keep up without having a system in place that is accessible 24/7.  And of course, creating this site for myself never meant it would be closed or open for pay-access.   It was meant for open access to share what I have with others and offer the opportunity for others to share as well.

The same thing goes for training.  In years past, I googled and checked every known DFIR training provider to see IF there was a class coming that I wanted and IF it was being offered somewhere I could attend.  No more. I just go to the calender and check by vendor, course, and/or location.  Easy enough.  Time savings: HOURS!

The crown jewel of the website is the DFIR Tool Database.  The database grows every week.  I'm putting every tool I come across in the database. You can search by name, description, function, etc... to find a list of tools that do what you need.  Yes, not every tool is there, but it's reaching almost a 1,000 different tools.  Yes, all the tools are not 100% perfect.   To the extent possible, I have not put 'beta' software on the list, but all software is beta when developers improve their products.   The forensic analysts who stops looking for new tools will grow stagnant in their skills quick.  When searching for a tool in DFIR, this database can save HOURS!

Many of the other items on the website consist of things I wish I had access to when I started out.  I still review the lists when I come across something to check and update the lists when I find relevant information to add (like a new infographic!).  Remember, this is your site.  Make it something you want to use everyday to check on the DFIR field by simply sending me a message.

There are a few things I will not add to the site.  These items are either already covered well enough elsewhere (Forensic Focus for a forum as one example), or just not useful enough to justify the time of maintenance.  But generally, if you want it on the site, I am sure others do also.  So before you forget, as soon as you think of what you'd like on this website, submit it to me.