Is there a fee to add my course to the DFIR Training calender?

No. It's free.  Submit your event here:

Note: If you have lots of courses, or you simply want to be able to add/edit all your courses, send me an email to chat to have write-access to the calendar for your courses.

Why isn't my software in your DFIR online database?

It's not there only because I don't know about it or overlooked it.  Submit it and have it added!

Do I have to register to access this website?

No need to register. But if you do, you can submit tools, training, and save your favorite tools as a bookmarked page.

Why don't you have forums?

I believe the Forensic Focus forum ( is the best out there for DFIR forums (outside of specific vendor forums).  No need to recreate the wheel when something really good already exists.

I would like to see a list of "X" on your site.  Will you add it?

Surely, I will consider every request and if it sounds like a good idea, I'll add it.  

 My blog isn't listed.  Can you add it for me?

If you have an active blog, submit it and I'll add it to the list.

Some of the DFIR software listed doesn't work well.  Can you remove these program listings?

I would rather that visitors comment on the software listings (good, bad, or indifferent) instead of removing listings.  Developers may be able to fix what is broken based on comments. Plus, other practitioners will be aware of issues if comments are made.