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Device and account holder information 

MacOS Bluetooth plist

"LNK files (labels or Windows shortcut files) are typically files which are created by the Windows OS automatically, whenever a user opens their files. These files are used by the operating system to secure quick access to a certain file. In addition, some of these files can be created by users themselves to make their activities easier." 

MacOS has a retention period for some log files, so the longer you keep the machine running, the higher are the chances that valuable logs will be overwritten. -

"This folder contains items that run automatically when you log in to any user account on your Mac, and it’s a typical place for nefarious apps to stick files, as doing so could mean that their software will launch whenever you log in."

A startup item is a specialized bundle whose code is executed during the final phase of the boot process, and at other predetermined times (see Managing Startup Items). The startup item typically contains a shell script or other executable file along with configuration information used by the system to determine the execution order for all startup items. -

This plist file contains most recently used (MRU) Illustrator and Photoshop files. -

USB Device Tracking on Mac OS X

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