Unlocking the DFIR Door (aka: getting a job in DFIR)


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May 26, 2018

Like many others working in DFIR, I occasionally get asked questions on how to get a job in DFIR.  By DFIR, I mean the overall field of digital forensics/incident response/electronic discovery. Sometimes, the questions are loosely asked as if it is easy to get in by someone who thinks they are 'good with computers'.  Other times, I am asked by those with computer science graduate degrees and tons of computer experience.  The range is quite wide. I am certain that anyone and everyone looking to make a break into DFIR has already Google'd it, found a lot of blog posts, and still are having a difficult time getting in the door.  That is just the way it is.  Employers feel like they can't find anyone and everyone feels like they can't find an employer to hire them.

I have blogged about this before, and I'm writing again because this is not only a common topic, but it is really important if you are trying to get a job in DFIR.

As far as to giving another opinion on how to get into DFIR, I believe that the more people that give their opinion and experiences on how they got in, the more likely that someone will be able to use that guidance.  We each have had different paths to "make it".  Some of us had no help, others had a little help, and a few fortunate few had a lot of help.  But everyone who is here can easily lend a hand to the new folks coming up by giving a few words of  positive advice.

Oh yeah, I created a "Get Hired for DFIR" checklist on the download for those who like checklist.  I am one of those who use checklists, which is why I made the checklist :)

For those working to get into DFIR, you can do it and we are waiting for you to check the boxes and get hired!

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