Latent Wireless Review

Around the time when I was released from FTO and in my own patrol car, my agency started using LoJack . At first, LoJack sounded like a great idea. The way it works is that if someone’s LoJack-enabled car was stolen, police cars outfitted with LoJack detection would be able to find the stolen car through homing signals.

It’s more technical than that, but basically, the stolen LoJack car emits a signal that police cars with LoJack are able to track when in close proximity, much like the game of “Hot and Cold” works. Latent works in the same concept, but with more accuracy, and with a map, coupled with a directional antenna.

To be honest, I patrolled my district for probably a year, and completely forgot about the LoJack. Then my LoJack sounded off and I found a stolen car.  Even though the stolen

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You may want to pay attention to Arsenal Recon

There are some forensic apps that come out and you just know that they will become an integral part of most everyone’s forensic tool kit over time (sometimes right away).

I have seen this with several tools over the years in the broad spectrum of DFIR, but in particular where digital forensics is concerned, I have seen several single-purpose, small tools come out and become major players in the field, with a few of the small tools evolving into full-fledged forensic suites.

Short version: Arsenal’s tools are a must-have in a forensic analyst’s toolbox.

Plus, if you want a chance to win the tools, enter your info in the following form. Drawing is on Nov 29 and you don’t have to be present to win (you do have to answer your email to claim the win on the day of the drawing, otherwise, failure to answer the winning email means

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I'm giving away a DeepSpar Guardonix on September 15, 2019.

I will post a personal review of the Guardonix here on prior to the giveaway. If you want a preview of the review, here it is... this is something that is worthy to keep in your DFIR toolbox for many reasons and worth the expense. I'll get into the details in the review later when it is posted in the coming two weeks.

So, what do you get if you win?

Guardonix Standard Edition + Professional Edition Upgrade + Set of Adapters

Guardonix Standard Edition
Includes USB cable and power supply. 1 year warranty.
Requires Windows 7 or 10, x64 only.
Works with any non-proprietary USB mass storage device.

Professional Edition Upgrade
Firmware upgrade extending the unit's functionality.

Set of Adapters
Includes adapters for SATA, NVMe PCIe M.2 M-key, AHCI PCIe M.2 M-key, and Apple 12+16 pin PCIe SSDs.

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