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Just some thoughts on “vendor” marketing.

sales In just about every DFIR email list, social media thread, or forum, there is the sporadic appearance of a vendor who mentions their software in response to a problem someone has, and within seconds of the vendor response, the vendor gets bashed for simply saying, "Hey, maybe my software can help."

I totally get it. I don’t know anyone who wants sales people knocking on their front door, trying to sell something that they didn’t ask for in the first place.  Doesn’t matter if it is encyclopedia sales or vacuum cleaner sales, unsolicited sales can be annoying.

The conferences

Anyone who has been to even one major tech conference quickly learns that if you let a vendor scan your badge in return of getting a free pen or toy, you will probably have emails sent to you for years by that vendor.  The cost

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Stop forcing the square #DFIR peg into the round hole.

One thing you won’t find in the DFIR world is an agreement of the what tool is ‘best’.  The thing you that will find are arguments as to which tool over others different examiners believe to be the best.  I’d like to propose that if you find yourself arguing that one tool is better than another, to step back a second and take a breather.   You may be right but you might not be right.

Sometimes we when have a personal affection for a specific tool, we want it to do everything with it and when it doesn’t do what we need, we try to force it.  We end up working twice as hard and getting half as good an end result, all in the name of forcing our favorite tool to do something that another tool can do better.  Worse yet is clinging to a tool long past your

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