CERT First Responders Guide to Computer Forensics March 2005

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This handbook targets a critical training gap in the fields of information security, computer forensics, and incident response. In today’s networked world, it is essential for system and network administrators to understand the fundamental areas and the major issues in computer forensics. Knowledgeable first responders apply good forensic practices to routine administrative procedures and alert verification, and know how routine actions can adversely affect the forensic value of data. This awareness will greatly enhance system and network administrators’ effectiveness when responding to security alerts and other routine matters. This capability is a crucial and an often overlooked element of defense-in-depth strategies for protecting the availability, integrity, and survivability of IT and network infrastructures. For instance, the step of collecting data from a live system is often skipped because of time constraints, lack of preparation, and the common practice of returning the corrupted live system to its original state by either a fresh software installation or a system reboot.


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