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Evidence Collection and Forensic Challenges in Cloud Environment

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Nowadays, cloud computing clouded with criminal activities that have caused various havoc to be
private and public data stored, making the cloud unsafe for information storage. Cloud forensics deals with
the incidents involving cloud infrastructure and their services in both civil litigation and criminal
investigations. Regardless of the online nature of the cloud computing paradigm, the incident investigated
does not necessarily have to be purely online. Cloud forensics is more complex and complicated than the
typical computing devices and mobile applications forensics. This paper is aimed to highlight various
challenges and difficulties faced by forensic investigators when collecting digital evidence from the cloud
ecosystem. To address this problem, a forensic investigator needs to identify potential criminals through a
systematic process and linked them with an offence. Thus, forensics plays a significant role in finding
evidence that will be admissible in court against a suspect in the crime. However, for a forensic investigator
to obtain evidential proof that will be admissible in court is always tricky and challenging due to the
conventional nature of the cloud. Likewise, most of the challenges found in the domain of data collection,
data analysis methodologies, evaluation, interpretation and presentation. Hence, this study highlights the
cloud forensics solutions and the roles of cloud services and their deployment models as the bedrock of cloud
forensics investigation in a cloud environment.


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