CFReDS (Computer Forensic Reference DataSet Portal)

Terabytes of test images, scenarios, and CTFs: pictures, video, audio, data carving, mobile devices, network, smartphones, database, cloud, AWS, multimedia, Android, Windows, iOS, HFS, NTFS, FAT, ext, Windows, Linux, Apple, Steganography, memory, hashing, zip, SQLite, SQL, Internet of Things, RAM, Malware, test files, Xbox, gaming systems, unix, cameras, packets, GPS, malware, email, Enron email, drones, Cellebrite, Belkasoft, Magnet Forensics

The CFReDS Project

Scenarios, registry, data leakage, hacking, memory, JTAG, file carving, container files.

Digital Corpora

Terabytes of test images, scenarios, CTFs: Cell phones, disk images, packet dumps, scenarios, email, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, ext, test files, data recovery, CTFs.

Digital Forensics Lab

Hands-on digital forensics labs designed for students and faculty; Linux-based, covers many topics in digital forensics

Digital Forensics Tool Testing Images

FAT, NTFS, ext3, daylight savings test, pictures, memory analysis, data carving.

Linux LEO

GPT partition image, FAT file system image, ext2 image, ext3 image, log files, NTFS image, carve image


Sample captures, pcap, DoS, malware, network

Enron Email Dataset

~500,000 email messages purchased by MIT.

Digital Forensics Workbook

Datasets needed to complete the hands-on activities described in the Digital Forensics Workbook.

California Cybersecurity Institute

Windows laptop image, practice image, Android mobile phone image

DFRWS Forensic Challenges

IoT, cryptography, mobile devices, memory, malware, Android, Linux, Sony Playstation, network traffic, email, pictures, data carving

CIRCL Forensics Training

USB disk images

NIST Test Data

SQLite, imaging, databases, string searches.


The largest collection of malware source code, samples, and papers on the internet. 



Party Girl-Missing, Kidnapper Case, Meet the Boss, Drugdealer Case, Insider Threat.


Threat intel, detection engineering, endpoint forensics, cloud forensics, threat hunting, malware analysis, network forensics.

Cyber Security Challenge UK

Cyber games.


Live, playable archive of DEF CON CTF challenges.

LMG Network Forensics Puzzle Contest


Ali Hadi

Web server, memory, registry, file carving, browser, email, USB, hacking, Windows, encryption, NFTS, RansomCare, Linux

Malware Traffic Analysis

Many exercises in traffic analysis


CTF-styled challenges in memory analysis.

NW3C Challenges

Various CTFs, Windows, macOS, Linux, puzzles.

DFIR CTF: Precision Widgets of North Dakota Intrusion

Disk and memory images, social media


Test various attacks and forensic artifacts in a Windows environment.

CTF Time

Various CTFs and archived CTFs.

Root ME

Over 500 CTFs, network, cryptanalysis, cracking, programming, app.

13Cubed Mini Memory CTF


Ghost in the Shellcode

Annual CTF


CTF puzzles

More lists of CTFs and Forensic Test Images

Awesome CTF