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AChoir Windows Live Artifacts Acquisition Scripting Framework


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Data Collection
"Every Incident Responder eventually comes to the conclusion that they need to script their favorite Live Acquisition utilities.

I have seen these scripts written in numerous scripting languages - but oddly enough, all of these scripts tend to use many of the same freely available utilities - To do mostly the same things.

It often takes an Incident Responder several years, along with lots of trial and error to settle on a set of utilities (and options) that both work and that provide relevant information on useful forensic artifacts.

And even though Responders often use the same utilities and are scripting them in largely the same way, each Responder has to go through the same pain of building their own script in their (not so) favorite scripting language - figuring out how to quickly and consistently gather the artifacts of most value.

Achoir is a Framework/Scripting Tool to standardize and simplify that process." github.com/OMENScan/AChoir

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