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Forensic Utilities - Windows
  • MFT
  • Shellbags
  • Timeline
Forensic Utilities - Misc
  • Memory
  • Timelines
Automagically extract forensic timeline from volatile memory dumps. Requirements Python Volatility mactime (from SleuthKit) How it works AutoTimeline automates this workflow: Identify correct volatility profile for the memory image. Runs the timeliner plugin against volatile memory dump using volatility. Runs the mftparser volatility plugin, in order to extract $MFT from memory and generate a bodyfile. Runs the shellbags volatility plugin in order to generate a bodyfile of the user activity. (suggested by Matteo Cantoni). Merges the timeliner, mftparser and shellbags output files into a single bodyfile. Sorts and filters the bodyfile using mactime and exports data as CSV.

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