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A comprehensive, cross-platform, next- generation memory analysis solution, Volexity Volcano Professional’s powerful core extracts, indexes, and correlates artifacts to provide unprecedented visibility into systems’ runtime state and trustworthiness.

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"VolDiff: Malware Memory Footprint Analysis based on Volatility"

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"Web App for Volatility framework"

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"Vortessence is a tool, whose aim is to partially automate memory forensics analysis."

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"All Intella products can process ESI, search metadata and content, filter by a range of criteria and produce to most standard load file formats.

Here you may find a short overview of our end-to-end eDiscovery software Intella range:

In ...

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Voyant 2.0 is a complete rewrite of Voyant. It provides a suite of text analysis tools that will work with most texts you can upload or find on the web. These tools are combined in skins. For documentation see Documentation for Voyant 2.0

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