ICAC-PT200 Digital Evidence Foundations for ICAC Prosecutors

This two-day course provides the practical legal and technical information ICAC prosecutors need to successfully identify, obtain, and use digital evidence in their cases. Legal topics include digital evidence identification, lawful seizure, extraction, discovery, and admission in court. Technical topics include examining the many types of digital evidence commonly encountered during investigations. This evidence is often found during searches of persons, residences, computers, mobile devices, phones, cell towers, and vehicles, together with the vast amounts of data held in cloud storage or by third-party service providers. The course will discuss how to legally obtain and use this evidence to comply with the ever-changing case law and ethical considerations. Unique issues related to investigating and prosecuting ICAC cases will also be highlighted.



Event Information

Event Date 12-13-2023
Event End Date 12-14-2023
Location USA: Ohio
Categories NW3C, Free Training, Restricted Govt/LE, In-Person