“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” – Stephen King

The DFIR Book Share Challenge (I made that up by the way, but it works for me)

First, hats off to those authors contributing their books to the DFIR Book Share Challenge and participating in this endeavor.

And just as important, thanks to the winners of the books who are fulfilling the challenge of passing the books along after reading them. My high hope is to create positive communications in our community with the books, in that we have a chance to be in the path of where the books will travel; in that we can talk about the content of the books in a manner to share information; and in that we can talk to each other as we hand off the book from one person to another.  Sign up to win a book here:  https://www.social.dfir.training/groups/viewgroup/3-dfir-book-giveaways  

So far, I have shipped out three books in October ( Investigating

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Tonight, I'm giving away a copy of Harlan Carvey's book, Investigating Windows Systems.

If you want a chance to win an author-signed copy of Investigating Windows Systems , be sure to register your email in the book giveaway group:  https://www.social.dfir.training/groups/viewgroup/3-dfir-book-giveaways  

The drawing will be tonight (Oct 31) at 7pm (PDT). I'll notify the winner via email after the drawing. I'll blog/tweet about the winner after confirming that the winner wants the book.

I've had a few questions on this book giveaway, so here goes:

What is the catch?

No catch. The books are free. The shipping is free. It's free (to you). Everything is paid by the book authors (if they donate a book, which they have to buy and ship), and me (to buy the books authors don't donate, and shipping). The only thing that can be considered a catch is that you are limited to winning one book, ever (at least from this challenge). 

How is the winner chosen?


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