Find a DFIR Subcontractor with the DFIR listserv

Working in DFIR, you may find that there are sometimes, many times, or maybe just that one time that a subcontractor is needed outside of your local area.   Either because of time crunches (need it immediately) or lack of resources (client doesn't want to pay for travel?), you really need a local DFIR person.  This is the purpose of the list; find someone local to your matter.    

 The difference with this list compared to other DFIR lists is that everyone on this list is either (1) looking for a DFIR sub or (2) a DFIR sub.  No emails about anything else.  No case questions. No forensic questions. No sales or recruiting for jobs.

To be approved for the list, complete and submit the form .  I'll review the submission and as long as you are a real person (not a bot or spammer), you'll be approved to the list.  Also, to view the list or archive, you need to be approved.   

Here are some tips:

- If you need a sub, ask on the list.

- The agreement between the sub and you is up to both of you (nothing to do with the list).

- Feel free to send out a direct referral.

- Keep non-sub talk off the list.  There are other lists for talking about other things.

- Get a better and faster response by making your subject line meaningful with LOCATION and WORK NEEDED.

If any person abuses the list with spam, flaming, or inappropriate behavior, then they will be banned.  So be nice :)


Written by :Brett Shavers