If you don’t already have a DeepSpar Guardonix, you might want to get one.

DeepSpar has a solid reputation in regards their products for recovering data from bad drives. It goes to figure that anything with DeepSpar’s name on it should be just as good, andin the case of the Guardonix, this is true.

Short version

  1. The DeepSpar Guardonix does what it says it does.
  2. You should have one if you have any chance of doing forensic disk imaging.
  3. The price is reasonable. You can even get 25% off before the end of this year*.


Side note: If you want a chance to win the DeepSpar Guardonix with Professional Upgrade and set of adapters, enter your contact info before September 15, 2019 here:


Longer version

This longer version doesn’t include an extensive “how to use” tutorial, but rather my overall opinion of the Guardondix.  The DeepSpar videos explain how everything works much better than I could do justice for it. Take

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