Get out of learning mode!  aka: Break Your Groundhog Day cycle

I was speaking to someone at Infosec Europe last week about ‘getting into this field of infosec’.  I kept answering all questions with the same answer of telling the guy to get started and do something.  But the future DFIR’r kept telling me about all the training and schooling that he had completed, the training and schooling that he is planning to do, and what to do next. I was quite impressed with how much training already done, including earning a degree and having taken a dozen vendor courses.  I was disappointed in how much more he was planning to do before ever starting work in the field that he has spent years in learning, but not doing.

In short, I told him to stop his training and education right now and make this conference his last until he puts to work what he has learned so far.

He was

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