The DFIR Book Share Challenge

For details on the #DFIR Book Share Challenge, take a look at the blog post introducing it:

In short, I'm facilitating giving out free DFIR books, with one small catch that is a suggestion, not a requirement (read the above link for more).

For each book that I give away, I will review on I read and have read a lot of DFIR books, but I am only going to post the reviews for the books in the giveaway. The reason is....I have read way too many books to review them all. So, I'll keep it to the books that I give away going forward. The reviews will be put elsewhere on the Internet too, like, just to make sure the reviews are easy to find. 

SIDE NOTE: If you wrote a DFIR book and want to join the DFIR Book Share Challenge, please please contact me . If you know a DFIR book author and think their book would be a good fit, send them a note to join in. I'll facilitate the book share giveaway for as long as I can keep getting the books.


Click on a book to read the reviews! Reviews may be in progress as I get to them..