Working in Cybersecurity: Life on the front lines, in the C-suite, and everywhere in-between

Title:      Working in Cybersecurity: Life on the front lines, in the C-suite, and everywhere in-between
Categories:      DFIR
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Authors:      Michael Tanji
ISBN-10(13):      1725877759
Publisher:      CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication date:      2018-10-26
Number of pages:      199
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Working in Cybersecurity is an oral history of the people who are working to improve the safety and security of cyberspace: its physical underpinnings, the information that flows through it, and the people who use it. Inspired by the book Working by Studs Terkel, Working in Cybersecurity looks at both the day-to-day activities of those working in myriad roles in cybersecurity - technical, operational, and policy - as well as the mental, social, and emotional impact associated with working in one of the most in-demand and important fields of the information age. Everyone likes hearing about significant events of the past; no one likes ‘history’ because their only exposure to it is colored by years of having to memorize dates, often about topics of nominal personal interest. An oral history of cybersecurity is different. For starters, we’re talking about something you’re interested in. Secondly, there is a pretty decent chance we’re going to talk to someone you admire and uncover something you didn’t know about them. Third, there is an equally good chance we’re going to talk to someone you’ve never heard of before, but whose story will fascinate you. Finally, you’re going to hear about events from the people who were there, elbow deep into what was going on at the time. History by those who helped make it. What is working in the field really like? How did some of the field's top experts acquire their skills? What was it like working on major cyber crime or digital espionage cases - or being the subject of those investigations? What was it like working with the pioneers in the field? What is it like building a cybersecurity company, and succeeding in one of the most challenging markets What makes a cybersecurity expert tick and how can you use that knowledge to help build and retain people with such rare skills? Working in Cybersecurity is both a series of compelling personal stories, as well as a resource for those who interact with cybersecurity professionals of all types. We hope that it will be an informative and engaging way to learn meaningful lessons about our past, appreciate the work that previous generations have put in, and to serve as a guide future generations so that their energies are not wasted.Proceeds from the sale of Working in Cybersecurity will be used to help aspirants to the field pay for or off-set the costs of education and training.


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