Learning By Practicing - Hack & Detect: Leveraging the Cyber Kill Chain for Practical Hacking and its Detection via Network Forensics

Title:      Learning By Practicing - Hack & Detect: Leveraging the Cyber Kill Chain for Practical Hacking and its Detection via Network Forensics
Categories:      DFIR
BookID:      176
Authors:      Nik Alleyne
ISBN-10(13):      1731254458
Publisher:      Independently published
Publication date:      2018-11-12
Number of pages:      410
Language:      Not specified
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The main idea behind this book, is to leverage the Cyber Kill Chain to teach you how to hack and detect, from a network forensics perspective. Therefore, there will be lots of packet and log analysis as we go along. There are lots of books that teach you how to hack. So the main purpose of this book is not really about hacking. However, the problem with many of those books, is that they don’t teach you how to detect your activities. This means, you the reader have to go read another book, in order to understand the traces of network evidence, indicators of compromise (IoC), events of interests (EoI) and the breadcrumbs which are left behind, as part of your activities related to system compromise. Therefore, this book is truly meant to help you the reader detect sooner, whenever someone compromises your network. Remember, it is not if you will be compromised but when. This statement is assuming you have not already been compromised.To ensure you enjoy this book, it is written from the perspective of storytelling. While most technology related books are done from a how-to guide style, this one is not. However, the objectives remain the same. I believe tying the technical material in with a story, will add more context, make the message clearer and the learning process easier.An important note, as Neysa (Threat Actor) hacks, she plans to use the Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain model as her framework. By leveraging the Cyber Kill Chain, she anticipates she can operate similar to an advanced persistent threat (APT). Where possible, she will follow the model exactly as it is. However, where needed, she may deviate while still being focused on achieving the actions and objectives as identified by the Cyber Kill Chain.For each of the attacks Neysa (Threat Actor) performs, where possible, Nakia (newly hired Cybersecurity Ninja) will leverage her Cybersecurity Ninja awesomeness, to detect Neysa’s actions. More importantly, for each of the attacks that Nakia detects, she must provide answers to the who, what, when, where, why and how to Saadia, the owner of SecurityNik Inc. These are critical questions every incident handler must answer. Now, the reality is, in many cases you may not be able to tell “why” it happened, as you don’t typically know your adversaries motive. However, Nakia will do her best to provide the necessary guidance, thus ensuring she gives Saadia actionable intelligence to decide on the way forward.


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