Practical Cyber Forensics: An Incident-Based Approach to Forensic Investigations

Title:      Practical Cyber Forensics: An Incident-Based Approach to Forensic Investigations
Categories:      DFIR
BookID:      197
Authors:      Niranjan Reddy
ISBN-10(13):      1484244591
Publisher:      Apress
Publication date:      July 17, 2019
Number of pages:      516
Language:      Not specified
Price:      32.99
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Become an effective cyber forensics investigator and gain a collection of practical, efficient techniques to get the job done. Diving straight into a discussion of anti-forensic techniques, this book shows you the many ways to effectively detect them. Now that you know what you are looking for, you’ll shift your focus to network forensics, where you cover the various tools available to make your network forensics process less complicated. Following this, you will work with cloud and mobile forensic techniques by considering the concept of forensics as a service (FaSS), giving you cutting-edge skills that will future-proof your career.
Building on this, you will learn the process of breaking down malware attacks, web attacks, and email scams with case studies to give you a clearer view of the techniques to be followed. Another tricky technique is SSD forensics, so the author covers this in detail to give you the alternative analysis techniques you’ll need. To keep you up to speed on contemporary forensics, Practical Cyber Forensics includes a chapter on Bitcoin forensics, where key crypto-currency forensic techniques will be shared. Finally, you will see how to prepare accurate investigative reports. 
What You Will Learn
  • Carry out forensic investigation on Windows, Linux, and macOS systems
  • Detect and counter anti-forensic techniques 
  • Deploy network, cloud, and mobile forensics
  • Investigate web and malware attacks
  • Write efficient investigative reports
Who This Book Is For
Intermediate infosec professionals looking for a practical approach to investigative cyber forensics techniques. 


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