Hiding Behind the Keyboard: Uncovering Covert Communication Methods with Forensic Analysis

Title:      Hiding Behind the Keyboard: Uncovering Covert Communication Methods with Forensic Analysis
Categories:      DFIR
BookID:      76
Authors:      Brett Shavers , John Bair
ISBN-10(13):      0128033401
Publisher:      Syngress
Publication date:      2016-03-11
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      254
Language:      Not specified
Price:      51.77 USD
Rating:      0  
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Hiding Behind the Keyboard: Uncovering Covert Communication Methods with Forensic Analysis  exposes the latest electronic covert communication techniques used by cybercriminals, along with the needed investigative methods for identifying them. The book shows how to use the Internet for legitimate covert communication, while giving investigators the information they need for detecting cybercriminals who attempt to hide their true identity. Intended for practitioners and investigators, the book offers concrete examples on how to communicate securely, serving as an ideal reference for those who truly need protection, as well as those who investigate cybercriminals.

  • Covers high-level strategies, what they can achieve, and how to implement them
  • Shows discovery and mitigation methods using examples, court cases, and more
  • Explores how social media sites and gaming technologies can be used for illicit communications activities
  • Explores the currently in-use technologies such as TAILS and TOR that help with keeping anonymous online

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