Secret Keywords?

 Many questions and comments have been made about posting keywords on a public website.  Most of the concern revolves around the 'good guys' posting information that the 'bad guys' will use.  With keyword lists, this isn't really a problem.  In fact, if keyword lists are openly shared, then the odds of finding evidence relevant to a case is substantially higher than if each analyst has to create keyword lists for each case, or try to find lists that are shared privately.  

If you take a look at one of the keyword lists on, you will see that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of keywords on a single list.  Take a 'drug' terms list.  There are more drug terms that can be found on the Internet or through debriefings of informants, or even on Hollywood movies that could ever be kept secret as a keyword list.  The words themselves are not secret, even if compiled onto a list.  The list just makes it easier to search for the terms through massive data.  

Additionally, even if every drug dealer had a copy of the drug keyword list, it is virtually, practically, and physically impossible to use computer technology to facilitate drug trafficking without using at least one of the keywords, if not many keywords.  An analogy is that criminals know that law enforcement can tap phone lines, but they have to use phones to conduct business.

With that, send in your keywords and share with the community, because I know you will have just as much benefit from the keyword lists from others as others will be able to benefit from yours.