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What's New at DFIR Training?

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DFIR Training Podcast

New Podcast uploaded to Patreon subscribers, where I talked about some recent news, a software test that I doing with Dan Mares, DeepSpar and the giveaway and 25% promotion code, and a few other things.

DFIR Training has a new logo. Probably will be a sticker soon...actually, going to be a sticker soon.

Thanks to all for your input!


DeepSpar Guardonix Giveaway

Updates on the DeepSpar Guardonix giveaway . If you entered, be sure to check your email on Sept 15. I'll give the winner until Sept 16 to respond, but then if no response, the Guardonix goes to the runner-up. Runner-ups love it when the winner misses out. Don't miss out! 

As to how I pick the winners to the giveaways...I let the Internet do it. Specifically, every entry (your email) is on a spreadsheet, and is numbered in order (1, 2, 3, etc...).  If I have 300 entries, I let Google pick a number between 1 and 300. That's the winner. I do it again if the winner doesn't respond. Your email is not put online to randomly pick it, only your number on the spreadsheet.  You'll also get one, and only one email from me for the entry to let you know that you won or didn't win.

DeepSpar Guardonix Promotion Code - 25% off

I have a promotion code to give out on Sept 15 for 25% off the DeepSpar Guardonix (Professional Edition with adapters). This comes to about $250 off from a tad more more than $1000 purchase for the set.  The promotion code is Patreon subscribers only,  but if you were looking to purchase the Guardonix, you could join Patreon for just one month to get the discount and still come out $125 ahead.  Plus, you'd get access to the courses, podcasts, ebook downloads, and everything else during that time. Just sayin...  


New Courses at DFIR Training via Patreon

I am working on finishing an OSINT & Forensics online course this month.  This is a shorter version of any OSINT course you can find online as it is specific to using OSINT to a forensic analysis. Not everyone is tracking criminals across the Internet, but those working a forensic analysis can use some of the techniques to help in analysis.

The current Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard course is being completely revamped. This will be an Instructor-Trainer course, which will include downloadable materials (images, data, lesson plans, slidedecks, quizzes) that you can use to teach internally at your organization or university forensics program. Basically, you'll have everything to teach the course in a turn-key solution. Patreon subscribers only.


Forensic Artifact Database

Now that I have help with the DFIR Training website content, the forensic artifact database will be getting populated faster than before. Still, it is early access for Patreon subscribers only , but will be open publicly when it is at least twice as populated with artifacts as it is now. This may take a month or so, but eventually will be open.



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