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What's New at DFIR Training

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The current giveaway: Latent Wireless!

If you missed the review, catch it here: https://www.dfir.training/dfir-training-blog/latent-wireless-review

The long and short of the review and giveaway is that I have 10-user licenses to giveaway to one law enforcement agency (local, state, federal, or military).  The reason that Latent Wireless is this is practically only useful for law enforcement, but at that, it is not only practical, but awesome! It’s like ‘wardriving for cops’ for locating stolen WiFi devices. I say that it is “like” wardriving because wardriving includes sniffing packets for everything (like content, etc…). Latent Wireless doesn’t do that. It sniffs and filters out everything except the device that is being looked for, like a stolen smartphone or even WiFi tv.  Check out my review for more information and be sure to enter to win! Enter below (drawing is on Feb 28, 2020):


The next software giveaway

The giveaway in March is open to all, and certainly worth it. I will be giving away a license to Foxton Forensics’ Browser History Examiner .  I have already been using the Browser History Examiner and will write up my opinion of it in March while also giving away a license. Be sure to check back to enter in March for your chance to win. Much gratis to Foxton Forensics for donating the license.


The DFIR Bookshare Challenge continues!

I recently caught up some reading and will be giving away Hacking Theology by Marcus Guevara as soon as I write up a review to post on DFIR Training.  The entry form will be posted with the review.

The latest book that I am reading and will give away is Applied Incident Response by Steve Anson. This may take me a little longer to finish due to the content being very well detailed. So far, very nice.  Potentially, I may post both the books at the same time to make it easier to enter to win the books; depends on how soon I can finish and write up both books.

Side note on the #DFIRBookShareChallenge

The books that I am giving away are the only copies of each title that is (1) signed by the author, and (2) has personally highlighted passages for you by the author, and (2) signed by me to give to you with personally highlighted passages for you that I chose. The winner can either keep the book or read and pass it on to someone else.

My intention with the DFIR BookShareChallenge is to you a unique opportunity to engage in the DFIR community by personally being part of the chain of a DFIR book from author to you to another to another.  And if you can sign your name and highlight a passage (paragraph or sentence) in the book that was meaningful to you, that book becomes more than a book. Read more of my thoughts about this endeavor here: https://www.dfir.training/dfir-training-categories-k2/item/160-free-dfir-books

DFIR Glossary

I have an updated DFIR Glossary for your perusal. It’s a little different than other online DFIR glossaries or lists that you may find, and I would argue it is a little bit better too.  The biggest benefit of this glossary is that the references to the sources are included with the definition. A few more features will be added in time.   Also, for some terms, I am including several definitions with each respective source so that you can choose that which may better define your needs.

Since there are multiple variations of definitions, I am open to receiving more. Send a message with the link and I can add it to a definition.

Want to be famous? If you have your own variation of a DFIR term, and it is posted somewhere (like in a book or your blog or a white paper), send it and I’ll add it. There are some vendors who have written great definitions of DFIR terms and those would be welcomed as well.

Finding what you need on DFIR Training

There is quite a bit of stuff on DFIR Training. Downloads, lists, white papers, search warrants, templates, cheat sheets, software, hardware, education, training, books, and more.  How do you find what you need?

Use the SEARCH menu.  If you don’t see what you need at first glance, you can either browse the site or go straight to the SEARCH menu. I encourage browsing the site because you will find something that you need but didn’t know until you saw it. Otherwise, when time is short, search for it ?


2020 Media Kit

The 2020 DFIR Training Media Kit is available to DFIR companies desiring to market their products on dfir.training.  Send a message to receive more details and the kit: https://www.dfir.training/contact-dfir-training

There is limited space on the website to not turn DFIR Training into an advertising billboard, and not every company may be approved (sorry..) due to space, relevance to the DFIR community, or other reasons.

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