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What's New at DFIR Training? Featured

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Busy months!

What a month! It's been busy and some of the projects that were in motion are incomplete and in the process of being completed. This includes this website and courses.  But here is the current status of big changes. 

One thing about "big" changes is that the labor is immense on the backend but the frontend looks easy...still, I am excited for the changes being made to the DFIR Training website. Many of the upcoming features won't be mentioned until closer to full release of the new features.

A DFIR Training Webinar!

Yuri Gubanov from Belkasoft and I will be doing a webinar together showing off some cool features of Belkasoft. Putting it together now, and already looking neat to show off a forensic tool with updated and cool features. Belkasoft continues to impress.

Uh oh! Another cool giveaway that you do not want to miss!

I am about to get my hands on a DeepSpar Guardonix to give away this month. If you missed your chance last time, you might want to try this time. Here’s the thing about the Guardonix, I will be posting an update to Guardonix soon that is such an improvement with a unique feature and gives the Guardonix a big edge in imaging compared to any other write blocker. I have been testing the soon-to-be-released firmware for a few weeks now and in short, it is FASTER. The newly added feature (which I will announce soon) is something that other write blockers do not do. Kudos to DeepSpar!

The giveaway will be free to enter, just like every other giveaway. I have been impressed with DeepSpar for many years and their Guardonix is another product that just surpasses so many other competitors, especially with the current upgrade. I will post the giveaway on the normal social media circuit of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and this website.

Two times online

Jessica Hyde and Lee Reiber both asked me on their respective channels and I had a great time on both talking about the DF/IR field. Thank to both for the opportunity to speak with you! And if you like the videos, hit the Like button and give both Magnet and Oxygen some love :)



DFIR Review

Be sure to read my post on DFIR Review: . In short, DFIR Review is for practitioners, by practitioners.  Although we recently started DFIR Review, this is the method of practitioner peer-review that will be around a long time, perhaps for as long as we have DF/IR. It has been two years to the month that I wrote a blog post about a new peer review method ( ) for practitioners and now, here we are.  The lesson is that any project that you start, help, inspire, or bring to fruition takes time. Even though behind the scenes involves a lot of labor and patience, and a group effort, you can focus on the end result and it will come to pass. Meaning, don't quit any project that you have a passion in finishing, especially if the benefit can impact many!

Check DFIR Review out!

Website Changes

Short story

DFIR Training is now a faster website with easier to find information!

The Details

Hosting plan - Visits to the site kept overloading the server.  The highest month in 2020 has been April with over 1.0M hits, 900K pages viewed, and 200K unique visitors. The hosting plan has been upgraded with more CPUs and RAM added so downtown should be less than 1% if at all.

Database/s – The amount of curated information grew out of control! Each individual database ( Joomla databases and extensions) didn’t connect with each other, required lots of duplicative effort to link categories together, didn’t correctly search across the databases, and slowed down the website. Now, there is one database for everything, however, it is taking time to transfer from the old to the new.

RSS feeds – Multiple requests to put RSS feeds back on the site, so now the frontpage shows feeds that are updated every 10 minutes.  A YouTube DFIR feed has also been added.

Tools – The tool listings are there, but I am adding multiple categories to each tool. There are quite a few with only one category but fit multiple categories, so I am getting to each one. The most common request that I had was categorizing the tools with free and paid , which has been added as a filter option to find free tools that do a specific thing that you are looking for. 

Artifacts – sadly, this is going to take some time to re-do because of the amount of information to pull over and update. But, it will always be a work in progress regardless of how much I put in it.

Downloads – Easier to find! The Resources link organizes all the downloads and references in one place. Easy to find. Easy to browse. Lots of downloads.

Directories – Associations, schools, and businesses. Still, lots to transfer over, but much easier to find what you are looking for in each category.

Events – Again…moving everything over to make it easier to find what you need in events, courses, conferences, and on-demand training.

Books – Same thing. It is better and easier.

That wraps up the new stuff for now.

I appreciate the content submissions. So far, everything that I have been sent has been uploaded. If you don't see yours listed somewhere, let me know. Maybe I missed your email or the content should be in a different category. All content is free on DFIR Training and will continue to be freely accessible. The intention is to share and be a good source of DF/IR information for you to learn, improve, and do a good job at your job.

Stay safe!



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