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What's New at DFIR Training?

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What’s New at DFIR Training?

The website is approaching pure awesomeness. Lots of input, some help as well. Here are a few of the most dynamic changes being made that benefit your work directly.

Connecting the dots

This is the goal: Search for “x” and have connectivity to “y” and “z” that directly relate to your search of “x”.  In any professional field, everything is connected to everything. This is the goal of DFIR Training: connect the dots for you. Search for one thing and have everything related to it at your fingertips.


For example, let’s use the Paraben E3: Universal forensic suite as an example in the DFIR Tool database.

The tool’s page shows the (1) basic information of the tool, (2) the direct link to the developer or download, (3) whether free or not, (4) link to training, (5) link to legal case references, (6) type of tool, (7) a brief summary of the tool, and (8) videos about the tool. If I can find publicly available tests of the tool, this will also be listed on the same page!

You can see the end goal is to have everything you need about a tool in one place;

-- training events ,

-- court cases and legal references ,

-- tool tests , and

-- video demos .

As of now, completing this for every tool will take lots of time, but the wheel has begun to roll to connect the dots, collect the affidavits and court records, and encourage providers to list their tools, events to support  It will be about a month before I categorize all of the current tools due to the switch from the prior database that I was using. 

If you see a tool that needs to be added, please do ?


Forensic Artifact database example

Let’s take another example using the prefetch artifact.

The artifact listings, like the tool listings, are being populated with information, so you’ll have to be a little patient before the database will always have something that you are looking for. But the intention is to have it like the tools, in that you can get in one place (1) name of artifact, (2) path, (3) operating system, (4) list of forensic tools that can pull the artifact, (5) white papers about the artifact, (6) category, (7) a citable definition for your reports and affidavits, (8) references from blogs, and (9) video tutorials on the artifact.

Again, you can see the point of is to tie everything together in a neat package. Need a tool? Search for a tool and have everything you need about it to make a decision as to whether or not to use it based on tool tests, court cases, and function. Researching an artifact? No problem. Citable definitions for your reports or court, tools that can analyze the artifact, and tutorials about the artifact.

If you would like to contribute to the forensic artifacts, you are not only welcome but encouraged!


Case study released

I have a few new case studies to release on DFIR Training’s Patreon’s page, and with a new subscriber release, here is one of the past case studies that you might gain a bit of insight on how others investigate cases that could benefit your cases.


DFIR Subcontracting work

I have seen more than a few DFIR folks being laid off due to COVID-19. Any loss of any job is disheartening, and maybe to help bridge the gap between jobs, if you are looking for work as a contractor, you can submit a listing on and I will help get the word out to companies that could use subcontractors.

Any arrangements will be between a company and the subcontractor, and DFIR Training won’t be involved in any agreements or disagreements.  Simply submit your information on what you are able to sub (expertise, location, etc...) and maybe have some work to help during this COVID-19 disruption of work.

Any company is also free to submit their business (and/or tool) listings too!


Featured tools, events, and listings

Companies that wish to have more exposure are encouraged to have featured listings. For more information, request a media kit to see the options available.


Latest uploads

As of now, you can check for the latest 10 uploads at the resources page ( ).  All of the downloads are available through respective links, such as tool testing uploads will be associated with the respective tools, etc…


DFIR Training supporters!

This website would not exist if not for the DFIR Training Patreons at !  My gratitude goes out to each of them, which is why I give everything that I can to them in form of ebooks, courses, and podcasts, of which, I am due this month to release a few courses and podcasts!

Adolfo Grego

Adric Net

Ahmed hashad

Aldin Dautcehajic

Alex Meier

Alexi Papaleonardos

Alexis Brignoni

Alomgir Hussain

Andrew Smith


Benjamin Rose


Brandon Leatha

Brendan McCreesh

Brian O

Brock Bell

Bukhari 0x1

Carl lewis

Carlos Angeles





Chris Baiocchetti

Chris Gastardi

Chris Simpson

Christina Cerny

CJ Culley

Clifford Smith

Colin Cree

Cynthia Elwell

Dale Coddington

Dan, D-List Super Villain

Daniel Hoppe


Dave Strubbe

David Causey

David Cowen

David McInnis

Denis Roussel

Devin McBride

DFIR Pilgrim


Edward Bradstreet

Eric D'Amours

Eric Daoust

Everett Sherlock

Faith Magcalas

Fatts Dee


Forensic Notes

Frank Thornton

Frederick Haggerty

Gary Smith

Gene Polk

Grant Haroway

Hamad Al-Badr


Hayden Armstrong

Hector Antonio Soto


James Blanton

James Musuku

James S

Jason Cherry

Jason Duke

Jason Jordaan

Jason Sims

Jeff Chamberlain

Jeff Edwin

Jeff Rogers

Jeffrey Meissner

Jerry Roberts

Jessica Hyde

Jim Hawke

Joe Mizell


John Butler

John Ellis

John Glau

john hannon

John M Wilson

John Patrick Slattery, Jr

Jon Evers

Jonathan Arias

Jose Morales

Joseph Church

Joseph Smith

Josh Stemp

Joshua Lowery

Justin Bartshe


Kelcey Tietjen

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Learn Japanese Kanji

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Mark Spencer


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Michael Fitzgerald

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Michael Phipps

Michael Yasumoto

Mike Perkins

Mike Turletes


Mustafa Q

Nick Barron

Nick jauregui

Nicole Stoneman

Paige Simpson

pas momomo

Patrick Eller

Paul Ford

Paul McShane

Paul Weathersby


Pete McGovern

Phill Moore


Rob Gilbert

Robert Blinco

Robert Hall

Robert Knapp

Robert Rhyne

Robert Smith

Robyn Miller

Ronald Cufley

Ronald Mays


Scott Tucker


Sean Crowley


Shweta Chawla

Simon Ragona

Sophie Beattie

Stephen Cardoos

Stephen Frame

Steve Robles

Steve Wilson

Susan McMinn

Sze Ying

Tamara Solomon

Terrence Mee

The Crimson CHIM

Theresa Wilson

Thomas Eeles

Tom Chan

Tomas M. Castrejon

Tristan Jenkinson


Ulrich Seldeslachts

Vernon Schroder

Vico Marziale

Victor Gomez

Walker Johnson

Walt Sigmund

William Fortuno

Zack vZ

Zheng Jie


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