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Ain’t That a Kik in the Head: Kik Messenger iOS Analysis (69 downloads)
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Extracting and Decrypting iOS Keychain: Physical, Logical and Cloud Options Explored (73 downloads)
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How Android Bluetooth Connections Can Determine if a Driver had Their Hands on the Wheel During an Accident (66 downloads)
How to Use iOS Bluetooth Connections to Solve Crimes Faster (96 downloads)
How was an iPhone set up? (67 downloads)
iOS KnowledgeC.db Notifications (48 downloads)
iOS Location Services and System Services are they ON or OFF (69 downloads)
iOS Mobile Installation Logs (70 downloads)
iOS Settings Display Auto-Lock & Require Passcode (48 downloads)
Ka-Chow!!! Driving Android Auto (75 downloads)
Missing SQLite Records Analysis (68 downloads)
OK Computer...er...Google. Dissecting Google Assistant (Part 1) (64 downloads)
OK Computer...er...Google. Dissecting Google Assistant (Part Deux) (61 downloads)